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Meet Shannon., Meet Shannon.

Meet Shannon.

Shannon Whitehead is a student at East Carolina University and an Editorial Intern for CollegeFashionista.

As an Editorial Intern for CollegeFashionista, my duties include daily editing of articles from Style Gurus at various universities to ensure that their writing and photos meet the standard to be published. My eye goes straight to grammatical errors and I make sure they are all fixed before
the post goes live. It’s always a joy to see and improvements in writing and photos throughout the semester and the many stylish Fashionistas and Fashionistos who are spotted each week!

My favorite fashion publication is…Marie Claire. I love to look through any fashion publication I can get my hands on, but Marie Claire is usually my number one go-to for inspirational editorials, trend reports and wonderfully written articles. I would love to write for them some day.

My go-to beauty trend is…definitely nail polish. I’m usually not too interested in make-up or hair, but I own over 40 bottles and wear nail polish as an accessory – my favorite accessory.

The best writing advice I can give is… never rush through your work. Take the time to write your best work and read over it a second and third time. Writer’s block happens to the best of us but reading your favorite books, magazines and blogs is great inspiration.

One trend I’m dying to try is…hats! My mom has always loved them and I own a few fedoras and beanies myself, but I rarely think to wear them until I realize how chic they are on someone else.

My favorite beverage is…a chai tea latte.

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