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Meet Molly., Meet Molly.

Meet Molly.

Molly Baker is a student at Villanova University and an Editorial Intern at CollegeFashionsita. 

I edit posts from a handful of the international schools. I love being able to read posts from students all over the world; it’s awesome being able to see college campus trends in places everywhere from Shanghi to Australia.

My favorite fashion publication is… Harpers Bazaar.

My go-to beauty trend is… the red lip. I’m obsessed.

The best writing advice I can give is… be honest, and be yourself. Write out your stream of contentiousness. You’ll be surprised how entertaining you can be.

One trend I’m dying to try is… the winter romper, preferably in oxblood colored lace worn with tights and platform wedges. I totally haven’t thought about this at all… can you tell?  

My favorite beverage is… Seltzer water. At any given time you’ll more than likely find at least four empty bottles in my car and one half full in my bag. I love it.

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