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Amy’s December Picks, Amy's December Picks

Amy’s December Picks

Happy Holidays, Fashionistas and Fashoinistos! December is filled with so many reasons to celebrate. The end of finals, the holiday season and the last few weeks of 2012. With so many occasions filling up your social calendar, it is important to dress the part. Here are a few of my favorite must-haves that have made my personal holiday wish list. Here’s hoping I didn’t make the “Naughty” list!

Here are my picks:

Toggle Coats—Oversized, comfy and inspired by our favorite Paddington Bear. What’s not to love.

Winter White—The whole “no white after Labor Day” is so passé! Use different shades of white in a single outfit for a textured look. I love a white silk maxi skirt with a chunky white cable knit sweater for a casual yet sexy party look.

Box Clutches—These miniature bags are totally having a moment. Choose wisely what you decide to carry along for an evening out! Be sure to pack some mints for those moments under the mistletoe.

Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tars—When it comes to makeup I am a fan of pigmented products. These lip tars are totally worth testing out and truly last the entire day. My favorite is the color “Vintage.”

Leather Gloves—Leave it to Rachel Zoe to create a rocker chic pair of fingerless leather gloves that allow you to still Instagram while keeping warm.

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