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Meet Aja., Meet Aja.

Meet Aja.

Aja Edwards is a student at Northwestern University and an Editorial Intern for CollegeFashionista. 

As an editorial intern, I’m in charge of editing the posts for thirty writers every week to ensure each post is up to par with CollegeFashionista standards as well as free from errors.

My favorite fashion publication is…Glamour for Fashionistas and Details for Fashionistos.

My go-to beauty trend is…au-natural: tinted moisturizer, tinted chapstick, light application of blush with a simple eye (thin black eyeliner and mascara).

The best writing advice I can give is…to proofread, proofread, proofread. It’s amazing how many grammatical and spelling errors are found in just one quick swipe of your work.

One trend I’m dying to try is…pattern on pattern. I always gravitate towards the more neutral pieces, and I really want to push my self to try and outfit with two patterns featured.

My favorite beverage is…orange juice!


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