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Meet Brittany., Meet Brittany.

Meet Brittany.

Brittany Fowler is a student at Syracuse University and an Editorial Intern at CollegeFashionista.

Since I edit for both the US and UK site, I get to see trends from all around the world. I check each post for grammatical errors and spelling while ensuring it follows the CollegeFashionista style format. In terms of photography, I ensure each photo is 500 pixels wide and the Fashionista/o is prominent within the frame. If something is wrong with the photo, like if the layout doesn’t showcase the subject as well as it could, I provide the Style Guru with tips on how to improve.

My favorite fashion publication is…Cosmopolitan because the magazine embraces multiple aspects of femininity including sexuality, and is laced with confidence.  

My go-to beauty trend is…nail polish. I always have my nails painted so I’m constantly sporting new colors and textures. 

The best writing advice I can give is…to never stop reading. Read anything and everything you can, and your writing will improve.

One trend I’m dying to try is…patterned denim! I love jeans so any diversion from the classic blue jean is alluring. 

My favorite beverage is…Tazo Zen green tea (maybe it’s all these years of drinking tea with my mom).