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Meet Amanya., Meet Amanya.

Meet Amanya.

Amanya Maloba is a student at the University of Chicago, but she is currently studying abroad for the year at King’s College London. Amanya is an Editorial Intern for CollegeFashionista. 

As an editorial intern, my job is to read the Style Gurus’ posts every day and tweak a few things about them so that every post is site-ready.

My favorite print fashion publication is…Vogue. While traveling around Europe, I get the chance to check out other countries’ issues of the magazine and compare them to American Vogue. As for online publications, I’m not wedded to any particular site. Instead, I scroll through a handful of street style blogs, websites of print magazines and uniquely online fashion sites.

My go-to beauty trend is…kale. It’s not a product, but this superfood keeps my skin glowing, so there’s no need for make-up in the morning! I only use natural, organic products on my face, and you will never catch me without a tube or two of Burt’s Bees lip balm in my pocket.

The best writing advice I can give is…to never force a piece of writing. When you’re ready to say what you need, to the words will always be accessible. Additionally, always read through your work before submitting it, because often in the excitement of writing, sentences don’t always come out grammatically correct.

One trend I’m dying to try is…colored wigs! I’m currently in search of a beautiful, pale purple and silver wig that I can throw on whenever I want a dramatic look. I think it would be appropriate for all seasons, especially during the winter when everyone could use more color in their lives!

My favorite beverage is… water.I drink up to one gallon every day, and people make fun of me for always having my UChicago bottle with me. However, it is almost equally as common to spot me with a latte in my hand, especially in the dreary London mornings!


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