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Meet Lindy., Meet Lindy.

Meet Lindy.

Lindy Maddox is a student at East Carolina University and a Social Media Intern for CollegeFashionista. 

"As a social media intern for CF I work on the back end of the Tumblr page. Each week I get to plan what photos our readers see, and on a monthly basis I get to interview the writers for our Monthly Favorite Tumblr posts!"

The song I could listen to on repeat all day is… Breakeven by The Script. They are by far one of my favorite bands ever.

My go-to snack is… This is a tough one for me. I love chips and dip, like salsa or queso, but I’m also huge fan of pickles or peppers and hummus. Anything salty is delicious to me!

If there was a fire, the first thing in my dorm I would save would be… The first thing I would save (if I was alone without friends or family or pets to protect, of course) would be my lap-top. Secondly it would probably be my clothes.

Because… I would save my lap-top just because it has all of my pictures, memories and work saved on it. And as for my clothes, as shallow as it sounds, my clothes are my love and obsession! I spend a lot of time and money picking them out, so I’d be very sad to lose them.

If I could only wear one thing for the rest of my life it’d be… I love anything comfortable, yet on trend. My dad calls me “trendy Lindy,” even if you can’t really gauge my style in my picture, so this is going to be hard to say… but I’m going to narrow it down to accessories and say boots. I own over 10 pairs of boots and they are my favorite style of shoe. I’m really weird about my feet and I hate open toed shoes, so boots are my go-to item when I want to feel protected and myself, I guess you could say. I have friends who call me “little Lindy, and her big boots!” It’s just my thing.