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Meet Lauren., Meet Lauren.

Meet Lauren.

Lauren Jerdonek is a student at Indiana University and a CollegeFashionista Social Media Intern.

I work on Google+ and am in charge of interacting with the audience through that particular platform. I post different articles daily on the account and chose certain Instagram photos from campus-specific CollegeFashionista accounts. But, my favorite part of the G+ account manager is chatting with Amy, other gurus and industry professionals through the Google+ Hangout feature. Seriously in love with the intimacy it creates.

The song I could listen to on repeat all day is… ”Naive” by the Kooks is my favorite song ever, and I have quite literally been listening to it on repeat all day, every day for years! I joke that I’m in a committed relationship to its opening guitar riff (but it’s not really a joke…).

My go-to snack is…pineapple and gluten-free pretzels! Totally gets me through each afternoon.

If there was a fire, the first thing in my dorm I would save would be…my day planner.

Because…it quite literally is my life. I go through cell phones like their disposable solo cups, so I’ve learned to keep a back-up of everything. My planner makes my chaotic day a little less hectic.

If I could only wear one thing for the rest of my life it’d be…a leather jacket - a little James Dean brings out the best in everyone.

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