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Meet Monika. , Meet Monika.

Meet Monika.

Monika Haebich is a University of Pennsylvania student, and a Marketing and Social Media Intern for CollegeFashionista.

My responsibilities cover a range of tasks and vary by day! I recently helped CollegeFashionista collaborate with several university clubs to bring panels of fashion influencers to speak at East Coast schools, and I’m beginning to plan more right now. I’ve also planned webinars for our Gurus and searched for new schools for CollegeFashionista to branch out to. As a Social Media intern, I work on updating CollegeFashionista’s Tumblr with photographs from the website, and I find Style Gurus’ Tumblrs to feature throughout the week.

The best advice I’ve ever received is…to remember that there is always more to be learned. 
I collect…nail polish. I’m an addict. 

The one thing that is always in my purse is…Grape Vine Baby Lips Chapstick and a mini notebook. 

If I could be a movie character I’d be… Belle. Disney princesses have perpetually perfect hair, she’s a nerd at heart and she has access to a killer library! What more could I want?! 

I’m looking forward to…going home over break and learning some of my grandmother’s amazing recipes.


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