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Meet Kellen., Meet Kellen.

Meet Kellen.

Kellen Fitzgerald is a Fordham University student and Marketing Intern for CollegeFashionista.

Every day at CollegeFashionista is as different and as exciting as the next. For the most part, my responsibilities range from interviewing designers or influencers of the fashion industry to assisting with brand campaigns or promoting partnerships and CollegeFashionista events. I am constantly being exposed to new experiences and have come across remarkable opportunities because of the work I’ve done with CollegeFashionista, so I am genuinely excited to go to work and am so grateful for the time I’ve spent here.

The best advice I’ve ever received is…"It’s not what happens to you. It’s what you do about it.” My mother would repeatedly remind me of this when I was growing up and I never thought too much about it. But I’ve found myself repeating the same mantra more and more as I’ve gotten older. It helps me put things in perspective and reminds me to never let my mood dictate my manners. So I guess my mom knew what she was talking about after all!

I collect…ballet flats. I have way too many, but I’m ashamed to say I only wear a handful of them. I should learn to rotate better!

The one thing that is always in my purse is…Burt’s Bees chapstick. I’m addicted!

If I could be a movie character I’d be…either Holly Golightly because she’s just delightfully aloof, or Jane from Mr. and Mrs. Smith, because she really nails the pantsuit.

I’m looking forward to…going home for the holidays! I’m from New Hampshire, so it’s always a breath of fresh air to get out of the city for some peace and quiet.


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