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November Favorite Tumblr: Jackie Gasc, November Favorite Tumblr: Jackie Gasc

November Favorite Tumblr: Jackie Gasc

Some of the best fashion Tumblrs out there are those written by our very own, past and present, Style Gurus. Not only has CollegeFashionista granted its interns the opportunity to increase their knowledge of various social media outlets, but they also have the chance to express themselves in a basic way that draws in an extravagant variety of followers. Jackie Gasc, a 23 year old beloved Style Guru and SCAD graduate has a Tumblr that is anything but average. With her own photography scattered across the site broadcasting her creativity and fashion expertise, this blog is a definite crowd pleaser. With its effortless fluidtiy and ease, Jackie’s Tumblr showcases pictures from other blogs as a form of inspiration for herself and her readers. These specially selected photographs share this Fashionista’s personal style, mood and aesthetic. As quoted by the author herself, "It is very much an extension of myself. You can tell what’s going on in my mind just by checking my Tumblr and seeing what type of content I felt compelled to reblog that day. There’s humor, anger, passion and a variety of other emotions and experiences curated in photographic form." 


CollegeFashionista: Where are you from, and where did you go to college?

Jackie Gasc: I was born in South Florida, and I went to college at SCAD which is in Savannah, GA.

CF: What’s a fun fact about yourself that may surprise your readers?

JG: I was the weather girl throughout grade school on the morning announcements. 

CF: How did your Tumblr get started?

JG: There was a Tumblr meetup in Orlando that my friend wanted to go to, and he made a Tumblr for me so that I could go too. At first I used it as a place to collect my ex-boyfriend’s mugshots. I signed on pretty sparingly until November 2011 when I became completely addicted.

CF: When did you become interested in posting pictures of yourself on your Tumblr?

JG: The same friend who introduced me to Tumblr also introduced me to We took pictures of each other for the sites and when they were well-received it encouraged me to continue with it.

CF: Does the aesthetic of your Tumblr match the aesthetic of your life?

JG: In every way imaginable. My friends frequently tell me, “I knew it was you who reblogged that photo before I even checked the username.”

CF: How would you describe your fashion-sense?

JG: Currently: Wednesday Addams meets alien invasion meets inflatable couch.

CF: If you could pick one brand that you couldn’t live without what brand would it be and why?

JG: American Apparel. They sell the basics which become the crucial foundation to everything else I wear.

CF: What is your favorite fashion memory?

JG: The first time I tried on a pair of Adidas shoes. I had dreamed about them for so long and I wanted them so badly that I went to a store just to try them on and pretend they were mine for a few moments. I had never felt soles so soft; I remember thinking it felt like I was walking on clouds. I was shocked when my aunt offered to buy them for me. At the time I thought they were really expensive. It was the best gift I could have hoped for.

CF: Have you picked up any tricks during your Tumblr career that you’ve found to be more useful than others?

JG: Missing-E is a must, log IP addresses on your ask page, follow approximately 200 people if you want to be able to keep up with your dashboard yet still have a life, get used to the idea of people posting your photo without crediting you and if you tag something with “grunge” it will probably get a thousand notes.

CF: What’s your favorite social media platform, other than Tumblr?

JG: Tumblr is honestly the only one I really like. Instagram was fun at first but it feels very claustrophobic to me, and I’m bored of it now. I think I am going to delete my Facebook soon.

CF: What is your favorite aspect of your blog?

JG: The fact that it is absolutely whatever I want is liberating. I feel like it is very easy to be honest on it.

CF: How does your Tumblr stand out compared to others?

JG: Most Tumblrs are either all original content or mostly reblogging. Mine has a lot of both. It’s a dark, feminist, fashion-oriented Tumblr with a sense of humour and a disregard for mainstream society.

CF: And in honor of the holiday that occurs this month, what’s one thing that you’re thankful for?

JG: My followers! The best friends I never had.

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